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Post  WILBUR123 on Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:17 am

are u the best rt fan? well here is your chance to win a amazing prize. well here are the rule the prize will be so great you will dance with victory! RULES.NO CURSING ( wait this is already a rt form rule! must have 2 reasons why u like his videos or kong ( which is really easy i got a 100 but its my contest so i cant enter Sad well nvm
3.have good grammer one or to is fine this is bad! ex.the randomtoon show is great hes kind and nice! must talk about kong one time this also means all them wise man and the others smirky did his before this rule so hes fine Very Happy
5.have fun if you dont ill get buy wise man and put him on your computer screen!
6.DONT BE BORING if your not exisding happy and just great at your work ill say NO right there
TIPS!. 1.dont over think 2. talk about what you thnk of his comedy jokes dramma movies and so on not a rule but ill give extra points ( maybe ) 4. fell free talk about ep. shows hes made what u dont like and hariosa!.
5.have fun if your not having fun STOP THIS CONTEST if u dont have fun with this u will HATE my prize
good luck from wilbur ill make grand first second thrid and forth place its ending july 3!!! for extra points tell whats your favorite season.

you might not get prize till laet july or early august

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